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Rahim Brazil is an hip-hop Entertainer, Actor, Director, Radio personality and CEO of various forms of business entities. He is an extremely talented individual born and raised in Baltimore, Md. Rahim is more than just an artist with a passion to succeed, he is a Mogul, and a genuine representation of true artistry. His music offers an invigorating sound that captures his listeners attention with his unique style, delivery, energetic movements, and lyricism. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, he intends to create and follow his own path as a means to inspire other creatives working towards their dreams. As a music artist Rahim has released multiple projects including singles like Superstar, Break it down, Feel my Vibe and more. However, that didn’t stop him from diving into other areas of entertainment. In 2016, Rahim began working on various film projects like Kaleidoscope, Being Mary Jane, About him, and other independent films. In 2017, he began working as an air personality for Deb Antney’s station Be100 Radio, before transitioning to Kluster Radio Media founded by Darrel Davis in 2018. He began his Directing journey after writing his first major web series called Twisted, which was streamed on his very own network Dream House Television. This would begin his career behind the scenes, where he began filming for other creative writers and producers, as well as producing contents in various forms. During the 2020 Pandemic, Rahim Purchased a new studio for creatives called Dreamland ATL Studios located in the south-metro part of Atlanta. With the official grand opening happening in January 2021, Dreamland ATL has gained a lot of attention and popularity since opening its doors. Unfortunately, Dreamland ATL did not garner the expected success when the property was sold and Rahim and the Dream team had to depart by the end of 2021. This situation led Rahim to not only focus on himself, but what he is most passionate about. Rahim Brazil began to focus more on music while working to complete his new recording album Time 2 Shine due to release in 2022. This project will uncover the perspective of taking control of your light while being in a dark space by seeing darkness as inspiration instead of fear or anxiety. This Album will feature 10 studio tracks which are raw, real and relatable. His first Single Happy, due to release January 2022 will be the first official song off the album. Finally, Rahim Brazil is currently working to release a new movie project entitled Mercy that he Directed and filmed in the summer of 2021. The project has no official release date, but is set to release within the 2022 Spring error. Rahim Brazil is an unknown force in an industry that desperately needs his creative influence, with his unique ability to connect with others through creative endeavors he will surely be a hope for some and an inspiration to many 

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